Andrew Yang Just Makes Sense

Have you have ever made mistakes enough times to realize that you should do something different to keep the same mistakes from happening? Well, how about voting a person who makes vague promises without a detail plan but when they get voted into office those people become sellouts.

I'm not a politician, nor am I part of any candidates' campaign team. I do my best to stay away from politics but it seems that after our current President was voted to office, things just got more expensive for me.

Andrew Yang For President
Andrew Yang
Andrew Yang, a Democratic candidate, who pitched to do what other politicians never admit they want to do, which is to solve America's problem. This guy came out of nowhere and pointed out that if he doesn't step-up to fix America's issues, then his own children will suffer those issues. Unlike other politicians, this candidate actually goes into detail, with numbers, and breaks down how to implement his plans if he's elected as the next president of the United States.

Basic Income for All Adult Americans
Mr. Yang's pitch is $1,000/month for every single American. And his plan is to take what multi-billion dollar companies should pay in taxes and distribute that to the American people. Now, that does sound good, but critics are asking the famous question, "where will the money come from?" even after he explains where the money is going to come from. It's amazing that question is always asked when it comes to helping the average American, but when weapons of mass destruction needs to be built, or when we need to go to war, or when our government decides to destroy an entire country because they don't want to be corporate slaves of America, no one asks that questions. For some reason, when money is needed to kill innocent people in the Middle-East or when our troops are sent to protect ruthless dictators, money magically appears.

What to do with $1,000 per month
Let's break it down of how I can utilize that money for my livelihood. Let's calculate my current bill.
Phone Bill - $70
Car Insurance - $124
Car Payment - $394
Internet - $50
Gas Bill - $200
Electricity Bill - $100
Total = $938

So yeah, with $1000 I can pay off all of my utilities and my car insurance and car payment every month and still keep what I earn from my job after taxes. That $1,000 will help me so much in paying off my debts faster so I don't stay in debt.

Getting Big Companies to Pay
Apple and Amazon are few multi-billion dollar companies out of many, who have money stashed away overseas so they don't have to pay taxes. In my opinion, that's very smart, but it's not fair to the American tax payer and I'll tell you why. These giant companies don't pay taxes, yet they utilize the American services to conduct their businesses. The American taxpayer pays taxes to pay for Security, roads, and other infrastructures. Giant companies use the roads to deliver their products, power-line infrastructure to power their buildings, and utilize security to conduct their business and protect their ideas. If the American people use them and pay for them, then the American companies should do so too. If not, then the American taxpayer to get something in return from these big companies.

I'm tired of having Harvard Law-educated politicians and Reality TV host in the oval office bringing nothing but increase in prices to everything. Let's vote for the Asian guy who just wants to solve America's problems. Let's vote Yang2020.

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