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This is my first blog post and I want to write the first post of why I started this blog. I registered CatchADollar.com because that's the ultimate goal of making money, by getting one dollar at a time. For those who are well-off, they caught a dollar 100 times over at a time.

I love money and by the mercy of the Almighty I always know how to save or make an extra buck. With the tariff war going currently one between different countries there's no telling how bad the economy will turn out.

I have years of experience with saving and making money and I want to put my experiences into words. I don't expect many people to understand my love for money but I'm sure majority of the people who are reading this will want to read my posts just to find out how to make money.

I wanted to record my thoughts and my methods of saving and making money so years from now when I look back I can see why I am in the financial position that I am.

So this blog will be my next project which I hope will grow overtime. If you have any suggestions then please don't hesitate to share.



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