COVID-19 Financial Relief

As you know we have been hit by a pandemic like no other that we have experienced in our lifetime. Unfortunately, people are dying and most have to stay at home. The fortunate ones can work from home, but others are not so fortunate. There are some things that steps some intitutions are taking in order to help consumers.

Home Mortgages
Believe it or not, some banks are offering help so you don't lose your house to foreclosure. Call your bank and speak to a specialist and they will help you by deferring payments. However, make sure you get the details in the payment process. Make sure you don't pay a bulk payment after the government lifts the restrictions.

Student Loans
Federal student loans are now stopping any interests accruing and all payments are stopped until September 2020. From my sources, I know Navient has notified all of their borrowers that no interests or payments until Fall 2020.

Car Payments
Talk to your financial institutions who you got a loan for your car. On almost all bank websites I've visited, there is a section for payment deferment. If you can't find the section that says that, then it's best to call the institution.

Starting from April, in some States, property owners cannot evict tenants for not being able to pay rent. If your tenant doesn't know about such directives from the government or the policy hasn't been implemented at your State then speak to your landlord before things escalate to eviction. 

Stimulus Payments
The big companies got their bailout money so now I guess it's our turn to get whatever there's left. I know I'm speaking bleak, but that's reality. The Republicans and the corporate Democrats have prioritized the 10% of the super-rich while the bottom 90% of Americans will have to struggle on whatever money we get. Every working American citizen, who has filed taxes and earns less than $75,000, should've gotten $1200 by now. If you haven't gotten it then keep on checking the IRS website on your payment status.


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