Don't Let Airfare Ticket Prices Spike

Nerja, Spain
One of my friends was concerned that he was paying too much for airfares. He told me that he was searching some booking site and he started searching in the morning and he decided to book his airline ticket in the evening and it increased. He said he paid around $5,000 for himself and his wife to Europe and he was surprised when I told him I paid $1600 for round trip tickets to Europe for me and my wife.

Did you ever check out a product at a online store, but that product shows up in banners when you go to other websites? Yeah, that is the result of your Internet history being recorded. One of the things that not many will notice that Cookies have changed the way advertisers show their ads to get customers. Browser cookies, not the one you eat, are records of which sites you have visited and advertisers use your cookies to see what you are interested in. All browsers, Chrome, Firefox, and Internet Explorer, have the cookies function built in them. You have the option to clear your cookies when you don't want your history being looked at.

Airlines use sophisticated algorithms to set prices and they use multiple factors that you won't even think of to set prices. sometimes it's individual.

How To Get Great Airfare Prices:
  1. Avoid Booking in the Weekends. Airlines want to get as much money as possible and the weekend is when the prices are spiked up. It's better to avoid the weekends and book in the weekdays.
  2. Search for flights after 12 AM on Tuesdays. You will have better luck when others are not searching for the same flights.
  3. Avoid booking at last minute. Usually Airlines reserve high-price seats for the last minute passenger, because no matter what the price is, that passenger has to fly and so the Airline will take advantage of that. The latest you should book is a week before for domestic flights and at least 3 weeks before for international flights.
  4. Avoid booking on Thursdays or Thursdays to Sundays. Always book it on Monday or Early Tuesday mornings.
  5. Avoid using Apple products to search. Weather you're using Apple iPhone, iPad, or the iMac, it will be used as a factor to determine the price. Some may argue against that but an Apple device owner = the person has money. Therefore, use a Windows OS to search.
  6. Use Chrome browser in incognito mode. This mode enables you to browse and search in private mode. That means your history cannot be recorded.
  7. Use Google Flights to compare and contrast while searching in incognito mode.
At the end of the day, stick with Smartfares when they have Cheap Ticket Sale! Most of my flights were booked through them, and I probably saved over $2,000.



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