Are Online Coupon Codes Worth It?

I remember when I was young, my mother or another adult family member sitting me down and making me cut coupons from the Sunday newspaper. Those coupons would say something like "save $0.50" or something insignificant.

All those days have passed on after the dot com boom. Google search as allowed us to navigate on the web and find the best deals. But sometimes the best deals are not visible without a certain coupon. Coupons from grocery stores don't really make a huge difference because the savings is not really much of savings if you take the time and search for what you item you want discount of and cutting out the coupon and going to different stores to get those discounts. Grocery store coupons doesn't really make sense on the financial side.

However, when you shop online, the coupons that you can find can make some real difference of how much you want to spend and how much you can keep in your wallet. What if I told you that you can save at least $20 on a $60 purchase? sounds inciting right? Well it's possible. I have lost so much money in the past that I could've saved on my past purchases, but you live an learn

Just the other day I wanted to have a some documents printed at Office Depot. I had a big order and the total was around $65. On my Chrome browser, eBates turned on and said I will get back 5% on my purchase, which will be $3.25, which is fine but I wanted to see if I can get more back. One thing I learned overtimes with eBates is that sometimes the prices will increase on eBates just so the company and you will have money back, with you paying for it. So I looked online for any printing coupons and found several but none of them worked because I wasn't purchasing what was the coupon intended for. After trying 6 different coupons I ended up with one which gave me a fat discount. I went from $65 to paying $52! That's a $13 discount which was hidden from the average shopper.

Now, let's take a step back and think about that $13 that others could've saved if they searched for the right coupon. Those who shop online without searching for the coupon are missing out on potential money saving opportunities. These savings rack up and if you are a regular online customer then you could save yourself $100 or more per month.

Where to Find Online Coupons
Usually you an just Google search it but most of the search results will give you invalid coupon codes or expired coupons codes. Therefore, you should take the time and try multiple codes until it works. Some sites that offer coupon codes include:


Is Groupon Worth It?
Now this is a yes and a no. I love using Groupon sometimes, but I'm very careful about it. I use Groupon when it comes to restaurants discounts and events like Escape room. I never use Groupon for travel because that's taking a risk if the Airline doesn't recognize the discount and you already made plans to traveling. One of the downside of Groupon is that it's a hit or miss. However, if you know what you want and keep an eye on Groupon then you can actually find great deals.

For example, I got a year of Sam's Club membership for around ~$35 along with $10 credit to shop on top of that. A basic Sam's Club membership for a year is about $45, but with Groupon I got $35 with a but more.

All and all if you are vigilant about getting those discounts then you will get it and before you know it, you will keep more of your money from hundreds to thousands of dollars.


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