Where to Buy Cheap Brand Name Clothes

So a pair of Levis Jeans can cost as much as $50 at Macy's, and button down shirt can cost as much as $70 at Express. A pair of dress shoes can cost as much as $100. So overall it can cost total of $220 before taxes just for one outfit!
Let's face it, an average individual cannot afford to buy multiple outfits with that price tag. So an individual has to go to stores where clothing may be cheaper like Wal-Mart or Target, but they may not have brand-name clothing.

Tailor It
In Wal-Mart you can get a dress shirt for $15 and a pair of dress pants can cost about $20. Take it to a local tailor and have it modified for around $45. Without the shoes we are looking at around $80 before taxes. One thing you are compromising is the quality when shopping at Wal-Mart, they don't always have the best quality merchandise which would not last as long after washing them.

Go to Off-Price Retailers
Marshalls and Ross are the ideal places to shop brand-name clothes and shoes. I bought beautiful Perry-Ellis Shoes for $40, which would cost almost $90 or more at regular department stores. Some really nice modern outfits under $100. In this category I would not include TJ Maxx because the prices at that store is almost as same as regular department stores.

Shopping at off-price retail stores is sometimes better than shopping at Wal-Mart when it comes to clothes. A lot of high-quality merchandise at off-price retail stores are priced at the same or even lower than what you will find

Get the Deals At the End of the Season
Sometimes regular Department Stores can have some crazy deals. I went to Dillard's and a Italian-made wool coat costs $700 regularly. The first time I saw it, it was lowered to ~$280, which is still pricey, but very low as the winter season was coming to an end. The salesman told me that there is a high possibility the price may drop even more in couple of days or next week. I had a trip to go to in Colorado and I needed a nice coat but I needed a quality coat so I had my eyes on that coat. I was willing to spend $280 but I was also feeling guilty at the same time so I held back my shopping compulsion. I came back couple of days later and the coat was still there, but the price dropped to $130, and it was the last one. I didn't hesitate and I bought it before I flew out. So basically waiting till the end of the season to buy clothes can land you some kick-ass deals.


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