Get Deeper Discounts from Spirit Airlines

Spirit Airlines, like all other airlines, have to pay taxes. However, instead of paying it themselves, they put that burden onto their customers. If you ever booked online you will see "Passenger Usage Fee", which can go around $20/way per person, about $40 for a round trip ticket. I recently found out that it could be avoided. We got almost 50% off from the original price of our tickets.

My wife and I have been planning to go on a vacation and saw that our destination to Tampa, Florida, will cost us $600 for 2 roundtrip tickets. Now keep in mind that it does not include the extra charges for carry-on baggage or check-in bags. Paying $600 on Spirit Airlines is a bit high, considering that we are booking 2 months before so we decided to wait it out. I looked at the seating availability for the flights and saw that 75% of the plane was empty so I decided to wait longer. After a week, the price dropped to $447 for the 2 roundtrip tickets. But we wanted more discounts.

How to Get Deeper Discounts with Spirit Airlines
  1. Check Online and write the destination of your flight: time, flight number, etc
  2. Go to the Spirit Counter at your nearest Airport
  3. When approaching the Spirit section of the airport, you should see a separate like saying "Tickets" or something similar.
  4. Ask the Spirit representatives for penny flights first, if not then ask about the lower rates to your destination.
  5. Most of the time, you should see at least $40 in a discount from what you see online.
My wife and I found $447 as the lowest price on and 3rd part travel sites like Priceline didn't give anything that could beat that. But at the airport, we got 2 roundtrip tickets right before Christmas for $353, which is lower than I expected.

If going to the airport and standing in line takes more than 30-40 minutes than I'm not sure if it's worth it. The reason I say this is because the discount may not be as big as we got all the time. We stood in like for about 25 minutes and got almost $100 off total so it was definitely worth it.  One way to check for the timing is to go on Google Maps and look for Popular Times. Go to the airport during low peak times, and that way you avoid the crowd.

Also, I try to go before the crowd comes in for the next Spirit flight, which can make the line longer at the counter. So I check the schedules for all Spirit Departure flights at the airport before going.


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