Don't you Dare Throw Away your Old Clothes

We all been there, we have piles of old clothes stored away in our closets. A lot of us make the mistake of throwing them away. For the most generous ones, they give them away to Goodwill or Helping Hand or Salvation Army. But what if the donation option isn't for you, then get something for them. Instead of throwing your clothes away, why not sell them, and now you can.

Make Money From Your Old Clothes:

  • Plato's Closet: Take your clothes to a store location and they will go through your clothes and tell you how much they will pay you. They may pay you 10-30 cents to a dollar or more. For example, Express brand jeans, originally bought for $50, would be bought for $6 or so. It's not much but it's better than not getting paid for your old clothes. The downside is that the store sets the price to buy the merchandise from you.
  • ThredUp: This is my favorite way to get paid. I go to my account page and get a free pre-paid USPS shipping label. I pack up a box with my old clothes or old fashion accessories, and it'll be shipped to their headquarters. You get paid when it's sold. The upside of this way is you get to set a price for each merchandise that is up for sale. The downside to this method is it will take a while for your stuff to be sold.
  • eBay: Selling on eBay is the old fashion way. You can post your clothes and once someone buys it, you can pack it, and ship it. This method is the most time consuming and inefficient way, however, the payout is pretty good. Unlike the other two ways mentioned, you set the price when selling it on eBay.

So these are the methods I used to make money out of my old clothes. Each one of them has its pros and cons. There are other methods of selling your clothes, but I only listed the ones that I have experience in.


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