Why your Writing Matters For Everything

So you got a great idea but now you want to present it. So how do you do it?

You could make a video, you could make an image, but you need words to explain to get your message through.

You could get someone else to write it for you but that would be deceiving your audience if you take credit. Also, what you're trying to say may not be in the words written by another person.

Importance of Writing Well
  • Proper wording presents proper authority. If you write well, your readers will respect your writing, hence respect your thoughts. For example, someone who rushes in writing versus someone who takes their time in writing can be shown by the number of grammatical errors in their writing.
  • Proper writing will get your message across. Proper writing will make you stand out as a coherent individual. Remember, if your audience was to know who you are, and there are no pictures of you, then how you will be depicted will be based on your words.
  • Writing connects people and when your readers read your writing they will or understand your ideas and your views.
  • Keep in mind the larger your audience, the more potential you have to make money. And proper writing is a necessary skill.
  • Rappers are writers. I'm not joking, rappers may not use the proper grammar when they perform but they write and write to present their thoughts. One of the best examples is Marshall Bruce Mathers III, aka "Eminem" (see the video below). Eminem is an incredible rap artist with abundant rhymes in his songs, which he presents flawlessly.

Present it Thoughtfully
  • Don't copy from other sources. Use your own words, which will bring about your personality in the words. 
  • Be relevant when writing. Make sure you write things that are worth writing for. Don't write worthless jargon that others won't read. 
  • Gain the readers' trust. Write honestly and write as if you are writing to yourself. It's like to treat others the way you want to be treated; therefore, write it as if you are the reader.
  • Provide examples after you explain your ideas. Examples re-enforce your ideas and clarify it further.
  • Use bullet points when you have a lot to say. Bullet points are visually appealing and they attract readers.
  • Use proper diction (choice of words) based on the content you write. For example, if you're going to write to professionals, use "going to" instead of "gonna". The difference may seem insignificant, but it goes a long way when it comes to professionalism.
Use Digital Tools to Write Correctly
  • There are many writing tools available online but they are not perfect. The most common tool you can use is Google Docs or Microsoft Word. 
  • Microsoft Word is for those who have a paid subscription, and it's not cheap. And if you do have Microsoft Word, that and Google Docs, are limited to some grammar and spelling corrections.
  • There is also, Grammarly, which is an online platform with extensive tools at your disposal. I have checked out multiple online writing platforms and Grammarly takes the trophy when it comes to the best writing platform. 

At the End of the Day Grammarly Wins
  • I wasn't an initial fan of Grammarly when it first came out because it required a subscription. Then my friend signed-up and convinced me to try it, and I did.
  • My first impression of Grammarly was very positive. From the first time I used it, I can tell that there is a sophisticated algorithm that analyzes the user's writing and breaks it down to be dissected.
  • When you write something, the software has an assistant that analyzes your work into correctness, clarity, engagement, and delivery. There is a bar underneath each one of them that is measured based on what the user writes. It also has a plagiarism analyzer. As a writer myself, that's very impressive and it's unmatched by anything I've seen before.
  • The online platform can be used by installing an extension to Google Chrome, Microsoft Office, or to Windows as a native app.
  • The service is free with limited use. The free version will not have the analyzer tools such as clarity, punctuation, writing styles, or how it can be delivered.
  • The Grammarly Premium version is affordable for the average joe if you buy the annual plan; so it's for those who are serious about writing. The annual plan is good for college students, online blog writers, corporate writers, book writers, etc.
  • It's $11.66/month if you choose the annual plan. If you want to go monthly, then it's $29.95/month.
  • The monthly plan could be useful for short-term use if you are in undergraduate or graduate school and on finals week you have multiple papers to turn in. Grammarly will just make your work a lot easier by forcing you to think less and write more.
  • You can download Grammarly FREE today and start writing like a pro.
  • I installed the free version of Grammarly on my Chrome browser and used it to write this post and I loved it. It felt like there was someone there to help me write. The software suggested certain changes beyond just grammar and spelling but I ignored those changes because my diction is part of my writing style.
  • So if you're serious about writing then, try the free & quick proofreading by Grammarly!
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